Feng Shui: An ancient art for organizing spaces

Feng Shui is a complex knowledge that shows the balancing of the energies of a particular space

Hello readers! Welcome to our second Floor Styler blog. As I promised earlier that I will let you know about more exiting stuffs, so here I am. Today I am going to tell about an ancient Chinese art- Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed in China with a history of thousands of years. Feng Shui is a complex knowledge that shows the balancing of the energies of a particular space to ensure health and good fortune for the inhabitants. Literally “Feng” means “wind” and “Shui” means “water” in English. In Chinese culture, it is believed that wind and water are closely linked with good health. Good Feng Shui represents good fortune while bad Feng Shui indicates misfortune or bad luck. (Tchi)

There are many levels of Feng Shui ranging from simple levels to complex. Today I am going to discuss some simple levels those you can utilize to make your home or working area more healthy and comfortable.

Remove the clutters

Take out everything what you do not love in your house. You should throw away anything those are broken, unused and bring sad memories. Clutters in a room hamper positive energy as well as positive thinking. An organized room will make you feel calm and relaxed.  (Tchi, Your House & Home Feng Shui: How To Get Started)

Have plentiful of air and light at your home

Air and light are required for good Feng Shui energy at your home. Open your windows frequently. Allow as much natural light as possible to your home. You can use a Feng Shui air purifying plant or an air purifier for air and full spectrum lights for lightening. (Tchi, Your House & Home Feng Shui: How To Get Started)

Correctly positioning of furniture

You should position the furniture of your home in such a way that it does not restrict the free path through the room since this represents the flow of energy. If possible, rearrange the sitting arrangements as people can sit with their back to a wall.  (Fathi-Poor, 2011)

Make quick repair

You should repair any household element such as doors, windows etc. which is out of order or broken as quickly as possible since broken elements restricts the flow of energy. (Fathi-Poor, 2011)

Separate the working and resting areas

You should keep your home office space and living or sleeping area separate. If you mix those areas relaxation at home will not be possible. (Fathi-Poor, 2011)

Use plants, flowers and fruits.

You should display fresh plants, flowers and fruits to promote positive energy. Do not use those which have thorns with them. According to Feng Shui, it is believed that display of fresh lemons and oranges throughout the home brings good luck (Fathi-Poor, 2011)

Use proper color in your home

Colors have special importance in Feng Shui. Different colors have different meanings. For example green is the symbol of nature which represents life and hope. Filling your home with different colors will enhance positive energy. (Fathi-Poor, 2011)

And that’s all for today. Organize your rooms following above steps of Feng Shui and lead a healthy and comfortable life.




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