Office interior Designing
Designing the interior of an office

Hello readers. Thank you all for staying with me. And here I am again to tell about new exciting stuffs. Today I am going to tell you about designing the interior of an office. An office is a place where we spend the major portion of the time we remain awake in a day and for five days in a week. The working condition and environment of offices directly affect the productivity, mental well-being and general health as well as the interaction of a person with their friends and family at the end of the day. So, just like our homes, an office should be carefully designed to obtain both aesthetics and functionality.


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New translation module at FloorStyler
We release a new module to translate Floor Styler

Have you ever felt that any one of your very good friends who is not-so-cool in English has also rights to know any information as you have? Yes, language can never be a huge barrier to gain precious gems of knowledge. Anyone who is technically fit and sound can expect him/herself to be engaged in a creative notion like this Floor Styler app.

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Sign-up options and New Chrome extension launched for Floor Styler
New sign-up options and Chrome extension launched for FloorStyler

Hello readers! Hope you are doing great during this short interval. And, we can’t wait anymore to let you know about some of the coolest features we have introduced to this FloorStyler website! We are thrilled, and hope so you will be too.

Now, your life is certainly easier as more options and tools are available to you at Floor Styler. You can sign up here with your existing profiles at Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Hotmail or AOL. If you use this option, you won’t have to write manually all the stuffs about you for registration process. Clicking on one of the respective icons you choose and allowing the access to your information with these profiles will direct you sign-up here. And, one thing you should be sure about that we store your information securely and do not disclose to any third parties.

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Feng Shui: An ancient art for organizing spaces
Feng Shui is a complex knowledge that shows the balancing of the energies of a particular space

Hello readers! Welcome to our second Floor Styler blog. As I promised earlier that I will let you know about more exiting stuffs, so here I am. Today I am going to tell about an ancient Chinese art- Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed in China with a history of thousands of years. Feng Shui is a complex knowledge that shows the balancing of the energies of a particular space to ensure health and good fortune for the inhabitants. Literally “Feng” means “wind” and “Shui” means “water” in English. In Chinese culture, it is believed that wind and water are closely linked with good health. Good Feng Shui represents good fortune while bad Feng Shui indicates misfortune or bad luck. (Tchi)

There are many levels of Feng Shui ranging from simple levels to complex. Today I am going to discuss some simple levels those you can utilize to make your home or working area more healthy and comfortable.

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Floor Planning: Measuring your room
Tips and tricks on how to measure room before using Floor Styler.

Welcome to our first Floor Styler blog. Here, we will be discussing some very basic concepts of interior design and planning. An active participation from our readers is always heart-warmly welcome.

Good interior design not only makes a space look better but it also has a significant impact on the mood and the wellbeing of the inhabitants. Job of an interior designer is to use color, patterns, lights and textures imaginatively and efficiently to ensure productivity and functionality of a particular space as well as to make it beautiful to look at.

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Welcome to our new blog. Expect our helpful and interesting posts in the near future.

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